Terms and condition

Official Notifications CBSE Notification and  Ministry of Education


  1. Open to all (Students, teachers, Parents, Other with interest in Math /Science or engaging and inspiring hands-on experiential learning)
  2. Anyone who wants  to understand how to implement NEP -2020
  3. Recorded sessions available on CCL youtube channel for viewing later


  1. Certificate : All certificates are applicable for online course/training/professional development. As a training/professional development certificate , it is valid for whole of year 2022.

Participation Certificate
(for every episode)

We will start issuing first participation certificates after 10th Oct 2021.
Participation certificates for episodes after 10th Oct will be issued before the next episode

One certificate is equivalent to 2 hrs of training or professional development.

Competency Certificate
(one for while course)

Will be issued at the end of the course

One certificate is equivalent to 30 hrs of training or professional development.

  1. Certificates have a nominal fee of Rs 100/- + tax. Participation certificate ( all episodes) is Rs100/- +tax and Competency Certificate is Rs 100/- + tax
  2. Certificates will be issued to registered users who have submitted the homework  for episodes and also paid for the certificate
  3. Fee, once paid will not be refunded unless you have made your payment twice.

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